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    From The Servant's Corner

August 2017

Continuing with some excerpts from our trip in the Spring, I wanted to share about our time with Pastor Gavrilla Cuc, his wife Vera, and their daughter, Sara.
It is always a joy to be with them. Pastor Cuc has been recovering from heart issues and is doing quite well. While seeking medical care, he was able to stay with our friend in Timisoara, Traian Lazea. Vera was doing well, and very glad that her husband was better. Their daughter, Sara, is preparing to go into high school, finishing up the 8th grade.  Her desire is to be accepted into a military-style high school, she was working hard to meet the physical requirements. Pastor Cuc is still excited to be preaching the word in churches around the area. There was a prophetic word that came while praying for them, stating that God would give Gavrilla an increase in discipling and evangelizing others.

While we were visiting them, there was a crew of three men working on a wall at Gavrilla's home. We noticed that one of the men had a problem with one of his legs. The team went and asked why his leg was hurting. He said that he had injured it and could not bend it. The team prayed with him, and suddenly the man began to weep. He said that his leg wasn't hurting any longer. He started to do knee bends and showing his friends. We found out that he had suffered with it for some time, immediately, the other two saw this and asked that we pray for them too. All three received Jesus and it was amazing to see the physical change on the outside and knowing the changes happening on the inside. We shared and visited with them awhile before we had to leave. What an awesome God we serve!! I would encourage each of us to look for 
opportunities to share God with those around us and then watch what He will do.

The work on Constatina and Nicolai Lacatus's home is near completion and is looking good. We hope to have a picture soon of the completed house. We want to thank all those who contributed funds to Leo Stirbu for building the house. This will be a blessing for everyone.

Ted and Sandra Olson 

June 2017

I have returned from my trip to Romania about two weeks ago and am still trying to get back in the swing of things. Although the trip was good, we were not able to get to all our families due to transportation issues. We weren't able to get to the Maramures region but, God willing, our representatives in country will make a visit to see the families.

I would liken the trip to a boxing match, with the enemy giving some hard blows to the darkness. Our trip started with an eight hour delay from our departure city, Raleigh-Durham NC due to mechanical issues on the plane. The repairs were finally completed and we departed, tired and hungry, for our eight hour flight to Paris. Surely seemed like Satan tried to stop us before we even got started. The good news, we were allowed to bump up to first class. It was very nice and we were able to lower our seats to make a bed and slept almost all the way there. Of course, our connections were missed and our transportation from Hungary to Romania were constantly having to be changed.

Praise the Lord, we arrived in Timisoara on Saturday at 2:30 p., going directly to a pastors conference to speak. The conference started at 9 am, but everyone remained to hear what these Americans were bringing. It was a difficult Saturday evening, as we spoke about the power of the Holy Spirit in each of our lives. It seemed like a veil was over the entire seminar and no one seemed to understand the teachings. We went to our host's house that night (our meeting lasted until nearly 11 pm) and prayed that God would open eyes and ears to hear the message. Sunday was completely different. It was as if a light switch went off. By Sunday evening, we had so many young adults wanting to hear more that we stayed again till 11 and had additional meetings on Monday and Monday night with the young bible school adults.

I want to share some about a young man who feels like God has a purpose for him. His name is Bennie and he is involved with the bible school in Timisoara. He leads a large group of students (about 150) in worship and prayer times and we feel like he has a calling on his life. A few months ago, Bennie believed he was to help those afflicted with drug/alcohol issues by establishing a program, similar to Teen Challenge here in the states. His problem: no funds, no place and no staff. However, he continued to ask God what should he do. Someone asked him if he needed a place and gave him a building. It needed renovations, but many of the teens/young adults are giving of their time and labor to complete the renovations. He now has many people willing to help physically staff the program when funds are available. Some financial help is beginning to slowly come in but not enough yet to start. When we asked him how he is able to live, his answer was clear. It is by God's grace and goodness that we can do anything and if we trust God to provide, He will provide.  When we are willing to lay down our wants for the Kingdom of God to move, God will move. During our trip, we sensed that God is beginning to move through the young people in Romania and we will see a big change coming in the country.

I will share more of our trip and some other stories of what God is doing through the families we met and how YOU are a part of the story. Thank you for your prayers and your support for and through Mission To Serve. We here at Mission To Serve pray that God will bless you many times over for what you are doing to help us reach Romania.

A big thank you to Reba and The Encouragement Project in Atlanta for the seven tubs of hats and scarves that we shipped this Spring. Our representative in Maramures, Ileana, gave them to our families, people in her church and others in her village. Thank you to all the ladies that spent hours working on these beautiful handmade gifts of love.

In His Service,
Ted and Sandy Olson